About Us

Carl Norman Consultants Ltd is an independent Quality, health, safety and Environmental consultant who specialize in providing QHSE services for the Onshore & Offshore Oil and Gas industry since early 2013.

In a fast moving world of legislative changes, a helping hand is sometimes required to assist companies in complying with their legal duty in regard to Health & Safety, something that can place demand on resources that are needed elsewhere within the organisation.

The relationship that Carl Norman Consultants Ltd have with their existing and new clients is one based on a partnership, with us working closely with our clients to ensure that Health & Safety is implemented and maintained as an integral part of the company’s working systems at all times.

Carl Norman Consultants can assist you to meet your QHSE targets by implementing pragmatic solutions to assist your business and work force achieve targets

Supporting, educating and empowering you and your workforce to make practical QHSE choices. focusing on communication and proving that investing in safety can and does increase the  business bottom line, turning QHSE from an expense to an investment.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment isn’t about barking legislation at you and your work force, it’s about communicating how  we can prevent loss, to us, our place of work, the environment around us and the business we all work for.